Vayosoft Network Technologies Ltd. is a leading provider of services and solutions for the telecommunication industry, including mobile and fixed-line telephony service providers, and ISPs.

Vayosoft develops and markets advanced Value Added Services for Mobile operator like Mobile Backup, Mobile2Console, Cellular WAP mail and Cellular Fax2Mail

Launch Your Business Painlessly

Vayosoft expertise is developing application for mobile devices on all platforms: Simbyan, J2ME, Blackberry, Iphone, Android, Windows Mobile and Brew for CDMA and GSM/UMTS While Vayosoft targets markets including fixed and wireless network service providers, ISPs our primary focus is on large scale mobile and web solution systems for the telecommunication companies.

Advanced mobile solutions

Mobile Backup Vayosoft MoBackup application back up mobile phone content including phone and SIM contacts, calendar, images, audio and video files by sending the data to a secure server over the air.

Mobile2Console Mobile2Console is a client-server system enable cellular operators support representative to remote control user mobile device with user confirmation to enable fast and reliable user support.

Fax2Mail Cellular Fax2Mail service allows mobile operators subscribers to receive faxes directly to their private email. Using subscriber's mobile phone number with a perfix, the service is simple and easy replacement for fax machines.